Sunday, 26 February 2012

Book Art

I've been blown away with inspiration and awe after finding the most amazing book artist. Check out artist Brian Dettmer and his amazing carved books. I've never before seen anything quite as complex and as intricate carved into books. So impressive and inspiring!

red woven postcard

I've been continuing on with my library- catalogue-index-cards postcard project and last week I sent off two cards through and one to a friend in the UK. This red woven card was sent to Poland. The pink textured one below went off to Arizona in the USA and the blue card with the Queens head stamps went off to London, England. Hopefully they all arrive soon and don't get lost in the post!

I'm excited about trying some simple book folding and carving, but mine will be extremly simple! I'll post pictures if any of my scultptural experiments turn out alright.    Lily 

pink textured postcardBlue postcard

Friday, 17 February 2012

Woven postcard

I've just finished another catalogue-card postcard and am sending it off to China! Here is a picture...


Woven postcard

Friday, 10 February 2012

Love affair

Contrary to our posts...or lack thereof...I've been busy creating new postcards and beginning a love affair with duct tape (sorry Brad!). I think that the paperback romance novels that I've also been collecting and partnering with the duct tape have been fuelling this affair. Funky little wallets and change purses are being born on my desk thanks to some inspiring websites. Check out Dustin Kirks  simple instructions for making a duct tape wallet and Refabulous for paperback book-cover wallets. I combined both ideas and have been making a no-sew hybrid from duct tape, old paperback covers (please note that no books were intentionally harmed for this project), and clear sticky-back shelf liners. 


I've also been making and sending my little card catalogue postcards around the world with I've just sent two more off this week, one to Russia the other to North Carolina, USA. These are the postcards that are currently travelling:

postcard to Russia DSCN3534

I've also added a couple more postcards that got sent a few weeks ago, to our Flickr account. So please take a look at: